I have a great idea, and I know my great ideas are just one reason why I’m a valued member of the team here. Are you ready for it?

Let’s get Unleashed!

Don’t worry - it’s nothing for HR to worry about. It means being part of the Niagara IceDogs season ticket holder family, and always having something fun and entertaining that we can enjoy as a team, give to our clients, or use to reward great ideas (like this one!).

Here are my top 10 reasons why we should join The Unleashed:

  • 1. The office wifi is too slow to check my fantasy league.
  • 2. Since the Butter Stain Incident of ‘06, we aren’t allowed to throw popcorn in the break room.
  • 3. When the ’Dogs score in the final 60 seconds, we can cater our office lunch with Wendy’s cheeseburgers.
  • 4. We’ve always wanted an office dog, and I’m told Bones is hypoallergenic.
  • 5. When we tag our seats on twitter (#IceDogsTYS), it will raise our street cred.
  • 6. We’ll save the HST in the retail shop, so casual Fridays are that much easier!
  • 7. You’ll score high on your performance review. (We get to do those too, right?)
  • 8. No more wondering what to gift to our favourite clients! Don’t worry - you have first dibs on the Teddy Bear Toss and Pink in the Rink.
  • 9. When the word gets out that we’re Unleashed, the quality applicants will pour in.
  • 10. Tax write-off! (Now I’m speaking your language, right?)

There are limited seats available, so let’s pick ours soon!


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