Hey guys!

I have a great idea - instead of drowning in group chat notifications all winter, let’s get Unleashed! We can buy season tickets to the Niagara IceDogs, and even if we can’t make all the games, we can share them around or trade them in for more tickets to another game. There’s a great savings if we buy our tickets ahead of time, and no ticket will ever be wasted.

Here are my top 10 reasons why we should join The Unleashed:

  • 1. Once you’ve played Cards Against Humanity fifty times, it loses its charm.
  • 2. We can still send each other GIFS when we’re at the game.
  • 3. There’s no risk of FOMO if someone can’t make it - we can exchange our tickets for another game.
  • 4. You can’t do the wave with one person. On your couch. I’m looking at you, Karen.
  • 5. Painting your belly with an image of Bones is really only acceptable if you’re going to the game.
  • 6. First dibs on playoff tickets, which means chirping the visiting team all the way to April and May!
  • 7. 34 opportunities to win the 50/50. Those are good odds.
  • 8. There’s wine on tap, you guys.
  • 9. Two words: Pre. Game.
  • 10. Two more words: Post. Game.

There are limited seats available, so let’s pick ours soon!


Your smartest friend

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